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Cleona Borough Enhances Local Services

In a significant meeting held on December 4th, the Cleona Borough Council witnessed first-hand the impact of grant funding on local emergency services. Dustin Sider, representing the Cleona Fire Department, showcased the newly acquired ‘jaws of life’ device, a critical rescue tool purchased with funds from a previous Local Share Account (LSA) grant. This demonstration underscored the potential benefits of LSA grant money for essential emergency equipment.

Community Support and Fundraising

In a noteworthy achievement, the fire department announced the successful raising of $7,100 through a recent boot drive, further solidifying community support for their services. These funds are expected to bolster the department’s capabilities in responding to emergencies and saving lives.

Technological Advancements in Law Enforcement

In a move towards modernization, the Cleona Borough Police Department revealed plans for transitioning to E-Tickets within their vehicles. This technological upgrade, estimated to cost around $6,600, is aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement operations. Additionally, the department is set to purchase two license plate readers in 2024, further augmenting its technological arsenal.

Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Adoption

In fiscal developments, the council proudly adopted the 2024 budget, notably without implementing a tax increase. This decision reflects the council’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and its dedication to serving the community’s best interests without additional financial burden on the residents.

Regulation for Public Safety

Furthermore, the council marked a significant legislative milestone by adopting Ordinance #331, known as the Street Excavation Ordinance. This ordinance, which has been in the works for several years, is expected to regulate and oversee street excavation activities, ensuring public safety and infrastructure integrity.

The December 4th meeting of the Cleona Borough Council was a testament to the ongoing efforts in enhancing local emergency services, advancing technological integration in law enforcement, and maintaining a stable financial outlook for the community.


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