Josh Madilia’s Journey Through Music

In the heart of Pennsylvania, where the rolling hills of Lebanon County paint a serene backdrop, emerges a story that resonates with the beats of struggle, healing, and hope. This is the story of Josh Madilia, a native of Lebanon County, whose journey from the depths of despair to the pinnacle of artistic expression is encapsulated in his latest album, “You Don’t Love With Your Heart, You Love With Your Mouth.”

Album Title: A Reflection of Modern Relationships

“You Don’t Love With Your Heart, You Love With Your Mouth” – the album’s title cuts through the superficiality of modern-day romances, contrasting sharply with the enduring love of a bygone era. Madilia’s introspection here is profound, reflecting a societal shift where the depth of ‘love’ is often drowned in the shallows of physicality.

Music as Therapy: Battling Addiction Through Songwriting

Each track in the album is a step in Madilia’s journey of recovery. Having battled addiction, his songwriting became a conduit for his pain and redemption.

Exploring Deeper Themes: Addiction, Trauma, and Faith

Madilia’s music is a canvas where his struggles with addiction and his complex relationship with faith intertwine. He doesn’t just sing about addiction as a physical dependency; he delves into its root causes – the trauma, the inner turmoil that fuels this destructive fire.

A Dark Abyss and a Glimpse of Hope

The dissolution of his long-term relationship and the subsequent relapse marked a turning point in Madilia’s life. These events catapulted him into a chasm of despair, homelessness, and a battle with suicidal thoughts. Yet, in this abyss, he found a flicker of hope – the love for his children.

Musical Influences: From Brand New to Phoebe Bridgers

Madilia’s musical narrative is deeply colored by his influences, primarily the band Brand New and its frontman Jesse Lacey. His influences are diverse, ranging from the haunting melodies of Phoebe Bridgers to the dynamic rhythms of Deftones and Turnover.

“Run”: A Glimpse into Madilia’s Struggle

Among the tracks, “Run” holds a special place in Madilia’s heart. It’s a vigorous, pulsating track that encapsulates his internal struggle with religion and divinity.

Connecting Through Music

Madilia’s aspirations are anchored in the hope that his music will touch at least one person’s life. His journey from obscurity to a budding artist from Lebanon County is a narrative of finding purpose and connection through music.

The Importance of Collaborations

In the realm of collaborations, Madilia found a confidant and critic in Travis Shirk of Cave Paint. Shirk’s role extended beyond musical input; he was a pillar of support during Madilia’s tumultuous times, especially following his breakup and relapse.

Overcoming Challenges: From Writer’s Block to Relapse

Discussing the challenges in his musical journey, Madilia openly speaks about overcoming writer’s block and the daunting shadow of his relapse. Deciding to release the album became a symbol of his rebirth, a testament to his resilience.

Music Reflecting Life: Evolution of Songwriting

Madilia’s songwriting journey mirrors his life’s trajectory. Initially conceptualized as love songs during a blossoming relationship, the tracks morphed as his life underwent dramatic changes.

Album Cover: Symbolizing Growth and Decay

The album cover, a poignant photograph of his ex-fiancée amidst a flourishing garden, symbolizes the lifecycle of their relationship – from blooming love to withering separation. It’s a visual narrative of growth, nurturing, and eventual decay, mirroring the themes of his album.

Live Performances on the Horizon

Madilia dreams of translating his studio creations into live performances, an ambition that requires assembling a full band.

Continuing the Creative Journey

Even with this album set to release, Madilia’s creative well is far from dry. He’s already working on material for a future album, a testament to his unceasing drive to create, express, and connect.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Artists and Battling Addiction

Madilia’s advice for aspiring artists and individuals battling addiction is grounded in his own experiences. He emphasizes the importance of perseverance in art and the transformative power of sobriety.

A Sense of Achievement and Rebirth

Reflecting on the release, Madilia feels a profound sense of achievement. “ I feel a major sense of success in releasing this album. Not monetary success or material success. Those things couldn’t mean less to me, but being suicidal a year ago to releasing a full-length album, its humbling. I feel a tremendous sense of pride. Like I mentioned earlier, it truly is my ‘rebirth’ and I’ll always remember this release fondly and proudly.”

Engaging with the Audience

Madilia utilizes various platforms, from social media to streaming services, to engage with his audience. His approach is personal and direct, ensuring every fan feels heard and connected.

A New Beginning: The Release of the Album

The release of the album marks a pivotal point in Madilia’s life, representing both an end and a beginning. It’s a release of pent-up emotions and experiences, offering a fresh start and a new perspective.

Self-Reliance and Personal Growth

While initially supported by his family, Madilia has learned to rely on himself for motivation and inspiration. This self-reliance is a key theme in his journey towards healing and artistic growth.

Evolution of Artistry: From Simplicity to Complexity

Madilia’s early music, characterized by its simplicity and lack of depth, stands in stark contrast to his current work, which is imbued with complexity and emotional richness. This evolution reflects his personal growth and the maturation of his artistry.

Thanking Those Who Believed in Him

In a heartfelt acknowledgment, Madilia thanks those who have believed in him, supported him, and stood by him through his trials.

Dedication: A Gift to His Son

The album, set to release on December 8th, 2023, coincides with the second birthday of his son, Miles. This coincidence is symbolic, representing Madilia’s hope for the future and his dedication to his son.

“I chose this date because its my son Miles second birthday. So, it’s most definitely a gift to him and I hope one day when he’s old enough, I can share in the music with him. I’d love nothing more than to teach him how to play, how to sing, etc. Watching my son grow into his own and witnessing him create like I do is the greatest gift I could ask for out of life. This album is dedicated to my undying love for him.” Madilia concludes.

A Story of Resilience and Hope

As Josh Madilia’s album makes its debut in the world, it stands not just as a collection of songs but as a narrative of a man who faced his demons, found solace in music, and emerged stronger, wiser, and more connected to the world around him. His story is a beacon of hope for many, a reminder that even in our darkest hours, we can create beauty and find our way back to the light.


Jacob Keiter is a husband, a writer, a journalist, a musician, and a business owner. His journey to becoming a writer was one that was paved with challenges, but ultimately led him to find his true calling. Jacob's early years were marked by a strong desire for creative expression. He was always drawn to music, and in his youth, he played in several bands, chasing the elusive promise of fame and success. However, despite his best efforts, Jacob struggled to find the recognition he craved. It wasn't until he hit a low point in his life that Jacob discovered his love for writing. He turned to writing as a form of therapy during a particularly difficult time, and found that it not only helped him to cope with his struggles, but also allowed him to express himself in a way that he had never been able to before. Jacob's writing skills quickly caught the attention of others, and he soon found himself working as a journalist for The Sun out of Hummelstown. From there, he went on to contribute to a variety of publications, including the American Bee Journal and Referee Magazine. Jacob's writing style is reflective of traditional journalism, but he also infuses his work with a unique voice that sets him apart from others in his field. Despite his success as a writer, Jacob also owns another business, JJ Auto & Home, which specializes in cleaning. Jacob's commitment to excellence is evident in all of his endeavors, whether it be in his writing or in his business ventures. Today, Jacob is the author of two books and continues to inspire others through his writing. His journey to becoming a writer serves as a reminder that sometimes our darkest moments can lead us to our greatest achievements.

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