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Union Township Board of Supervisors Grapples with Rezoning Debate and Community Concerns

Written by Jake Keiter and featured in our October 25th Print Edition

In a packed and charged meeting of the Union Township Board of Supervisors on October 11th, 2023, eager community members gathered to voice their concerns regarding a hotly debated item on the agenda – a rezoning request at 30 Bohn’s Lane, shifting the land’s classification from agricultural use to industrial use.

The meeting opened to a crowd teeming with concerned citizens, fervently determined to make their voices heard. The proposed rezoning has triggered a wave of apprehension within the community, with fears ranging from the continued loss of precious farmland to the potential consequences of increased truck traffic that could strain the very fabric of the township’s infrastructure.

Solicitor Paul Bametzreider, ever the calming presence amidst the tempest of emotion, assured the community multiple times that the meeting was not the platform for any direct action. He emphasized that a lengthy process must be followed before a final decision could be made. With diligence, he laid out the steps that needed to be taken, in the hope of allaying some of the anxieties simmering among the attendees.

Unsurprisingly, concerned citizens took the stage, voicing their apprehensions and calling for a deeper examination of the consequences that the rezoning might have on the community’s landscape and way of life. The potential loss of agricultural land weighed heavily on their minds, as did the specter of increased truck traffic and the potential strain on existing infrastructure. It was evident that these issues united multiple community members in a shared concern for their township.

Amidst the vocal opposition, Burkentine & Sons Builders Inc., accompanied by their attorney, made an appearance to advance a petition submitted to the board on the zoning request. Their presence added an interesting twist to the already fervent discussion. Following a rigorous debate, the board of supervisors reached a unanimous decision to advance the request, placing the next steps in the capable hands of the planning commission.

Apart from the rezoning dispute, the Union Township Board of Supervisors managed to attend to other matters of importance. Notably, they unanimously approved the appointment of Jeff Steckbeck and Sheri Flowers as the Enforcement Officers for the township, reinforcing their commitment to maintaining order and security within Union Township.

In a display of continued community support, the board also decided to donate $1,500 to the Matthews Public Library, mirroring the same amount contributed in the previous year. This gesture underscores the board’s dedication to the educational and cultural well-being of the township.

The October 11th meeting of the Union Township Board of Supervisors revealed a community deeply invested in its future, as it grappled with the thorny issue of rezoning. While the meeting offered a platform for concerned citizens to voice their fears and apprehensions, it also demonstrated the township’s commitment to preserving its unique character and heritage in the face of potential change. With the rezoning debate far from over, the Union Township Board of Supervisors is sure to face more spirited discussions and challenges as they continue to shape the future of their community.


Jacob Keiter is a husband, a writer, a journalist, a musician, and a business owner. His journey to becoming a writer was one that was paved with challenges, but ultimately led him to find his true calling. Jacob's early years were marked by a strong desire for creative expression. He was always drawn to music, and in his youth, he played in several bands, chasing the elusive promise of fame and success. However, despite his best efforts, Jacob struggled to find the recognition he craved. It wasn't until he hit a low point in his life that Jacob discovered his love for writing. He turned to writing as a form of therapy during a particularly difficult time, and found that it not only helped him to cope with his struggles, but also allowed him to express himself in a way that he had never been able to before. Jacob's writing skills quickly caught the attention of others, and he soon found himself working as a journalist for The Sun out of Hummelstown. From there, he went on to contribute to a variety of publications, including the American Bee Journal and Referee Magazine. Jacob's writing style is reflective of traditional journalism, but he also infuses his work with a unique voice that sets him apart from others in his field. Despite his success as a writer, Jacob also owns another business, JJ Auto & Home, which specializes in cleaning. Jacob's commitment to excellence is evident in all of his endeavors, whether it be in his writing or in his business ventures. Today, Jacob is the author of two books and continues to inspire others through his writing. His journey to becoming a writer serves as a reminder that sometimes our darkest moments can lead us to our greatest achievements.

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