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Controversy Erupts as School Board Votes Against Popular Musical

A heated debate over a high school musical took center stage during the Northern Lebanon School District board meeting on Tuesday night. The Addams Family musical, one of the most popular high school comedies in the country, was voted down by the board, with only two members out of nine voting in favor of the show.

Board members Michelle Bucks and Robb Faller voted for the show to be produced.

Board member Troy Williams, who is also a pastor at Calvary Church in Lebanon, argued that the show has no place in the district. “The question at hand is, is the musical appropriate for the students, faculty, staff, parents, and community at large for the Northern Lebanon School District? And the answer is no,” he said.

Several board members took issue with the musical’s dark themes, scenes of violence, and scenes of children smoking. They also expressed concern about the show’s promotion of what they deemed to be bad values.

“I have bigger dreams for NL than just reflecting more of that,” said board member Robbie England. “I believe we have the opportunity and obligation to be counter-cultural and raise the standard and send out graduates from NL that will embrace the values that we want them to on the Viking Pride posters around the school.”

Despite some board members arguing that the show could be edited to make it more acceptable, Board President Barry Naum expressed skepticism. “The fundamental thematic theme, for me that I could see, was moving towards darkness, embracing death, embracing despair, embracing the pain,” he said. “If a number of school directors for this community view this as potentially being problematic for the standards of the community, then I think that’s probably a good enough reason for us to go in another direction.”

Superintendent Gary Messinger Jr. assured the board that there is still time to find another musical to perform in 2024. However, the decision has sparked controversy among students and community members, with many expressing disappointment and frustration on social media.

The Addams Family musical has been performed by several area high schools, including Cedar Crest, Hershey, Lower Dauphin, Cumberland Valley, and Harrisburg Christian Performing Arts School. School boards elsewhere in Pennsylvania and in Florida, Indiana, and Kansas have also canceled or challenged high school musicals recently, with complaints that the content isn’t family-friendly.


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