Adam Azim warns Santos Reyes: ‘A lot of people haven’t seen the best of me yet’ | Boxing News

Adam Azim went head to head with Santos Reyes at the final press conference ahead of their clash on Saturday, live on Sky Sports.

Azim will headline at Wembley Arena against Reyes, the first unbeaten opponent of the rising star’s career.

The super-lightweight from Slough has been on an impressive run of six consecutive knockouts and he promises to deliver another spectacular showing this weekend.

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Super-lightweight Adam Azim is targeting more titles in the year ahead as he prepares to take on South American Santos Reyes at Wembley Arena on February 11

“The pressure doesn’t get to me because I’ve been training really hard. I’m very focused and very determined to put on a great performance,” Azim said. “I’m ready.

“I don’t expect the knockout to come. We don’t predict what round, if it comes, it comes,” he continued. “I’m very heavy-handed in both hands.

“I’ve got speed as well. If I put the combination together I can put on a devastating performance.”

This contest is scheduled for 10 rounds and Azim thinks Reyes has the potential to be a tough opponent.

“He’s 12-0 so he’s no joke, he’s a very durable fighter. He’s a good fighter and it’s going to be a good one,” Azim said.

“I’m prepared for any rounds. I’ve been numerous rounds in the gym, I’m sparring three different people and not getting tired, I’m ready for rounds.”

But he added: “I never predict it but if the shot comes, it comes.”

“A lot of people haven’t seen the best of me yet.”

The chief supporting bout on Saturday will be an intriguing clash between flashy American Anthony Sims and London’s Zak Chelli.

In this unexpected match-up Chelli is promising to bring Sims down. “I’ll catch him [with] a nice one and I’ll put him down,” he told the American. “I fight tough opponents, you fight nobodies.

“He’s a good dancer, he likes to move about, decent jab,” Chelli continued. “I haven’t seen no aggression and that’s what I’m going to bring on Saturday.

“You’re very delusional, you’re going to wake up on Saturday night after the knockout and realise.”

Sims responded: “The boxing I know is beyond you. On Saturday you’re going to find out.

“You’ll be my next victim.”

London's Zak Chelli (left) faces off with American Anthony Sims
London’s Zak Chelli (left) faces off with American Anthony Sims

Another well matched contest on the bill will be Tyler Denny’s English middleweight title defence against Brad Pauls.

The respect between the two was clear at Wednesday’s press conference. “Tyler’s established at this level,” the challenger said. “It’s my time to step up, take my shot and show what I’m about.

“We can both dig deep if we have to.

“I just think the styles will gel well for a good fight.”

Victory should lead the winner to a shot at the British title. “There’s so much to gained from this fight. My toughest opponent yet but we’ll see what I’m made of,” Pauls said.

“I just think I’m better,” Denny said. “He obviously thinks he’s better than me. We’ll find out Saturday.

“I think it’s going to be fight of the night. We both come to win, we’re both hungry fighters.

Undefeated Brad Pauls will challenger Tyler Denny for the English middleweight title (Photos: Lawrence Lustig/BOXXER)
Undefeated Brad Pauls will challenger Tyler Denny for the English middleweight title (Photos: Lawrence Lustig/BOXXER)

“He’s an entertaining fighter, my last three fights have been entertaining fights. It’s got fireworks written all over it.”

In contrast the animosity between Viddal Riley and his opponent on Saturday Anees Taj was instantly apparent.

“I don’t think he’s my toughest opponent,” Riley said, a comment Taj reacted to at once.

“I know you’re coming to win,” Riley continued. “It’s scheduled for eight, it’s my first eight-rounder.

“But I don’t think I’ll do eight on Saturday.”

“Of course you won’t,” Taj interrupted again, “because you’ll get stopped within six.

“I know I’m in your head.”

Riley gave no indication of doubt though. “My prediction,” he insisted, “is that you don’t see round four.”

Watch from 8pm on Sky Sports Main Event or Sky Sports Arena on Saturday February 11.

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