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History of Jonestown, Pennsylvania

A history of our community

Jonestown, Pennsylvania is a small town located in the southeastern part of the state, with a population of just over 2,000 people. The town’s history is rich and diverse, spanning back to the early 1700s when it was first settled by European settlers.

The town was named after a local landowner, William Jones, who owned a large tract of land in the area. Jones was a prominent figure in the community and played a key role in the development of the town. He built a sawmill and gristmill, which provided jobs for many of the town’s residents and helped to attract new settlers to the area.

In the early 1800s, Jonestown experienced a period of rapid growth and expansion. Many new businesses and industries were established, including a tannery, a blacksmith shop, and a distillery. The town also saw the construction of several new homes and buildings, including a school, a church, and a post office.

During the Civil War, Jonestown played an important role as a supply center for the Union army. The town’s businesses, particularly the tannery and the blacksmith shop, were used to produce goods for the war effort. Many of the town’s residents also served in the Union army, and several soldiers from Jonestown lost their lives in the war.

In the late 1800s, Jonestown experienced a period of economic decline. Many of the town’s businesses closed, and many residents left in search of better opportunities elsewhere. However, the town was able to recover in the early 1900s, thanks to the establishment of new industries, such as a brickyard and a paper mill.

In the years leading up to World War II, Jonestown’s economy continued to grow and thrive. The town’s population reached its peak in the 1940s, with over 3,000 residents. However, the post-war years saw a decline in the town’s population and economy, as many residents left in search of better opportunities in the cities.

Despite this decline, Jonestown has managed to maintain its small-town charm and sense of community. Today, the town is home to a variety of small businesses, including restaurants, shops, and service providers. The town is also home to a number of community organizations, such as the Lions Club and the Jonestown Historical Society, which work to preserve the town’s rich history and heritage.

Overall, Jonestown, Pennsylvania has a rich and diverse history, spanning back to the early 1700s. The town has experienced both growth and decline throughout the centuries, but has always managed to maintain its small-town charm and sense of community. Today, Jonestown is a vibrant and welcoming community, with a rich cultural heritage that is worth preserving and celebrating.


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