NL Softball Star Stays Committed

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Abby Palkovic, a 17-year-old softball player from NL, has shown her resilience and dedication to the sport despite her recent injury. Palkovic has been playing softball for 13 years, with her primary position as catcher, and has been ranked 75th in the nation for the class of 2024.

Being injured has not stopped Palkovic from being involved in the sport she loves. She has taken on the role of the stat keeper for her team, which allows her to stay involved in the game, strengthen her understanding of the game, and help her bond with her teammates. Palkovic said, “I feel like keeping the stats is keeping me involved in the game. In warm-ups, I am able to talk with the girls, and feed coaches balls while they hit, but once the game starts, it’s me and my bucket.”

Despite the setback of her injury, Palkovic remains determined to achieve her goals as an athlete. She plans to turn her top 100 ranking into a top 50 ranking next year. Palkovic’s dedication to the sport is evident, with some weeks requiring her to put in over 20 hours of softball between high school, individual work, and travel practices.

Palkovic’s ultimate goal is to play softball in college, and her travel coach Kim King has been instrumental in guiding her through the recruitment process. Palkovic’s injury occurred in October of 2022, and she will only be able to return in September of 2023, meaning she will only have the fall and winter of her senior year to select a school. However, Palkovic remains undeterred and ready to take on the challenge.

Palkovic’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of perseverance and dedication in the face of adversity. Her resilience and team spirit are qualities that inspire and motivate those around her. Despite her injury, Palkovic continues to contribute to her team in every way possible and remains determined to achieve her goals.

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