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Phantom Little League Team Takes Over Mill Street Fields

The Swatara Township Board of Supervisors held a meeting on February 9th, 2023, to address various pressing matters. The meeting discussed the issue of a phantom Little League team occupying a field on Mill Street, brainstormed ideas to secure additional funding for the Bunker Hill Fire Company, and approved the Yordy Minor Subdivision Plan.

Heather Palkovic, a leader in the NL Girl’s Softball Group and the Vikings Softball Club, expressed her surprise upon hearing that the field on Mill Street would be eliminated and replaced with a grass field. To her knowledge, a Little League team has been practicing on the field for the past few years, which has limited the space available to the softball team, which has more than doubled in size from 60 girls to 140.

The Board was unaware of another team occupying the field and has launched an investigation to determine which teams have filed the proper paperwork to reserve the use of designated fields. Recreational sports teams are required to submit the necessary documents to the Township to secure their right to use the fields during the seasons.

The Bunker Hill Fire Company is looking to acquire a new apparatus in the coming months, and instead of tapping into the Township’s reserve funds, they are exploring alternative ways to secure additional revenue. Some options discussed include a fire tax, billing insurance companies whenever they are called out to a fire or accident, or additional fundraising opportunities. The Board will further discuss the issue at an upcoming workshop.

The Yordy Minor Subdivision Plan was approved north of Little Mountain Road, marking a significant development for the Township.

In conclusion, the Swatara Township Board of Supervisors meeting on February 9th addressed critical issues facing the community, including the occupancy of the Mill Street sports field, the funding of the Bunker Hill Fire Company, and the approval of the Yordy Minor Subdivision Plan. The Board will continue to work towards ensuring the best outcomes for the residents of Swatara Township.

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